Friday, December 12, 2014

August 18, 2014 "Mission (Training) Accomplished"

Well, this is it. It´s a lot of things to think about and feel at the same time. But it´s a good thing all in all and I can wave goodbye to the (fulltime) mission field with a clean conscience, a tired smile, and a changed nature. It´s been an incredible, irreplaceable ride. My time is limited today (I´m bunked in the mission office for today and tomorrow helping out with a few things) but I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to each of you. You´ve collectively and individually been the helping hands to buoy me up and keep me going during the good times and the hard times. I´m in debt to each of you. I hope that my service in the field can serve as a profound thank you.

I´ve set aside some time to reflect on my mission recently--the things I´ve learned, who I´ve become, goals and plans for the future, what I´ll miss most, etc.--and I wanted to send along a short list from my personal study of some of the things God´s taught me over these amazing months, together with a scripture:

1) This isn´t our work; God knows what He´s doing and how to do it. (D&C 3:1-3)

2) True happiness comes from a clean conscience, a clean conscience comes when we feel the Spirit acting within us, and the Spirit is only present when we are obedient and filled with love (Mosiah 4:1-3; Alma 36:17-20)

3) Our influence in God´s service goes way beyond our understanding (D&C 58:2-

4) Personal revelation is a reality (I´ve had several sacred experiences with the scriptures on my mission. Among some of the scriptures I´ve been guided to are Alma 31:38 in my first transfer, Job 38:4-7 after a frustrating lesson with Thiago who was questioning our belief in a pre-existence, "Where Can I Turn for Peace" in the hymnbook after a particularly difficult week in Castelo, and Jacob 5:71 just last week)

5) Attributes are more important than abilities (Moroni 7:46)

6) God fulfills His promises (3 Nephi 12:17-18)

I love you all and canNOT wait to see you in just a few short days. This IS God´s church and there is no other. I would give my life to defend that truth as I have lived to defend it for these past 2 years. How grateful I am to know that, even after my release, I will continue to be a covenant representative of Christ and a member missionary of His church. His name is written on my heart, with or without a tag (Mosiah 5:12). ABRAÇOS!!!!

Elder Kevin Bradford Sears

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