Friday, November 21, 2014

June 30, 2014 Unlikely Place to Find a Family and a Referral


How´s life? It´s pretty crazy down here. The people are starting to get a little more animated with Brasil making it to the quarterfinals and all. Our dear neighbor got a little bit too tipsy Saturday afternoon i think :) That was fun during studies. Haha.

The work´s starting to take off bit by bit. We´ve been focusing our prayers and street contacts and referrals and finding on families--and we´re being heard. Reginaldo (mentioned him last week) has been working like crazy but his daughter (17) Daniely is reading and understanding The Book of Mormon. She loved Mosiah 18. We marked a visit with Melissa (young women´s president) and her husband for Wednesday to help solidify her for her baptism marked for July 13th. THursdays we had splits marked with a member and nobody to visit. Only that morning I had a feeling we needed to visit a family in the area book that hadn´t been contacted since November. When we told the member of our plan he said it wasn´t worth it but we went anyways. Ivan, Aldirene, Amanda, Bia, and Luis Guilherme were there for us with open arms. Ivan and Aldirene were on the verge of separating 7 months ago but in that time they´ve worked things out and were receptive to our message again. We read with them in Alma 37 about small and simple steps back towards the path to baptism and eternal life, and they´re willing to meet with us during the week. We have an appointment marked for Wednesday at 8. They were all ready for church on Sunday but the car broke down coming out of the driveway. We called Ivan but he didn´t pick up until after meetings. They have potential though, and they´re a complete family--just the thing we´ve been praying for. We asked Amanda (13) what the experience was like getting to know the Church last year and she said "da hora." That´s a rough translation to "legit" in English. Haha :) 

Funny story. Friday during planning we got a phone call from Irmão Sergio, a less active in the ward. To quote him directly, "Elder, I just met a family of 5 for you to visit. I told the dad you´d be passing by tomorrow night at 7:30 with a present and he said he´d be waiting. Invite them and they´ll be baptized." Okay then?! Obviously, we were there at 7:25 on Saturday, super stoked for the possibility of adding another family to our teaching pool. We met Claudio at the door and asked him if he´d met a Sergio the day before. He looked at us confused and laughed and said he´d met him drinking at the bar. Then we got confused...but we managed to teach him a little bit about The Book of Mormon and he said he´d read, though he didn´t accept another visit. We´ll see. We asked Sergio about it at the ward party Saturday night and he said he didn´t remember calling us. Whoops! I was impressed though. It´s hard sometimes to get sober members to pass on referrals, but Sergio managed to do so drinking in the bar. Definitely a story for the journal :)

Sunday our 9 investigators confirmed for church didn´t show up. BUT, Levi did, with a member friend. He´s 50 or so and plays the saxophone. We started talking about music and things took off from there. I showed him the hymn book and he loved the fact that the sheet music is included for you to be able to sing harmony. He was singing along after the first verse of "We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet." We marked with him for Friday :) 

That´s the wrap folks...I love you and until next week!

Love, Elder Sears


P.p.s. My toes are still all intact for those wondering :) And I didn´t have to do surgery.

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