Friday, November 21, 2014

June 23, 2014 Promptings and Much More than Coincidences

Dear Americans,

Our next-door neighbor has the world cup fever and is keeping us updated on how the States are doing in the cup--apparently well? But I have more important things to talk about!

First off, thank you for all the prayers on behalf of my toes. Wednesday the swelling went down considerably, to the point that I didn´t have to do surgery. I´ve been walking on them like normal (almost normal--I´m still using my Sunday sandals) since Thursday and I have never said so many thank-you prayers for my toenails. You should try it. 

As far as the work goes: we were able to teach a lot actually this last week, but not too much with investigators that really have an interest in keeping commitments. Jacqueline was a high point though--we had a family night with Irmão Remo and taught her the first lesson and invited her to be baptized on July 6th (Grandpa Sears´ birthday!). She accepted but didn´t come to church. Friday we were walking home when we saw a car that ran out of gas going up a hill. We helped it up the hill and talked to Fabiana who was driving it. She said we could return and we did, yesterday afternoon. She said she´d talked to 2 other missionaries two days before and didn´t believe it was coincidence. She told us she´s ready to turn her life around, and when we taught her that the best way to do that is through repentance, baptism and the Holy Ghost, she accepted being baptized on July 13th. So we shall see! Vicente and Marisa showed up to church on Sunday after having taught them on Thursday and Saturday. Vicente asked our Sunday school teacher how Adam had grandkids if the only people on earth were his own children--that was an interesting discussion. He said he wasn´t able to understand The Book of Mormon very well so we outlined 1 Nephi 1-15 for him and wrote down 1-2 questions per chapter to guide his reading. We´re going to drop the outline off tonight. Rogério was at church too. His wife is a less active member returning. We brought her over cookies for her birthday on Saturday and they both were at church on Sunday. There´s still quite a bit of work left with him though.

One thing that I´ve noticed in me the past few weeks--I seem to be feeling and acting on small promptings a lot more. Wednesday we were contacting a referral downtown when an 18-year old girl walked by us. I got that nudge to go back and talk to her so I did. Turns out she´s a recent convert from a neighboring city. I got another nudge to ask her for a referral and in response she took us to a friend´s house so that we could meet her and start teaching. Just little things like that that are happening dozens of times a day. 

The work in the zone is going incredibly well too, which makes me very happy :) We had a zone meeting on Tuesday focused on what we´re going to do, collectively, to baptize and reactivate priesthood men and families. Several areas have found theirs and managed to mark baptismal dates. Elder J. Rodrigues and I have an appointment marked tomorrow at 4 with Reginaldo, Dalva (they´re married--finally, somebody that is married here!), and their 3 teenage children. We´re praying super hard that they´ll wind up progressing and getting baptized within the coming weeks.

So that´s about it for now...I love you! 
Until next week,
Elder Sears

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