Saturday, June 28, 2014

May 10, 2014 Tending the flock

Hello from Castelo! :)

First things first, Happy Mother´s Day Mom!! I hope my letter gets there quickly. Can´t wait to talk to you guys tomorrow!! (I sent you and Dad an email about that about half an hour ago).

Second things second, I have 15 minutes to get this off so here goes...I´m gonna go with some journal entries to get off everything I want to as quickly as possible.

May 6, 2014: "Something cool happened last Wednesday I think it was. We were contacting less actives downtown when a woman came up to me, said she recognized me, and asked why nobody was visiting her son. When it dawned on me who she was, I remembered Elder Hill and I had taught her family in Ouro Verde and her son, Felipe, was baptized one week after I left the area. Only he moved and nobody knew his address. That´s why I felt so grateful his mom gave me it in that moment so I could call Missão Piracicaba to track him down, help get him active again and maybe help his cousin who´s living with him. God watches over His flock!"

May 7, 2014: "President showed a video at the end of his message during a mission conference on Monday called the "invisible woman." She talks about life as a mother--all the simple acts of kindness she does that go unnoticed and unthanked. Yet all the while she knows God sees them and every now and again she can feel His embrace, just as God and no one else sees the tiny details on a cathedral that takes decades to finish. I felt in that moment God extending His hand to thank me for all the little things I´ve done as a missionary. I can´t imagine how He feels when I forget to thank Him for something--everything--and yet He always recognizes everything I do. It´s comforting to know that."
-->Mom, that goes to you too, for all the simple, sweet things you do that I may not notice and maybe never will until God shows me them, in this life or the next. Thank you!

May 10, 2014: "We got a golden referral named Carlos from Elder Lukas and Elder Cavalcante. He agreed to meeting with us 3 times a week and accepted baptism for the 24th on our first visit. He moved here recently from São Paulo and was taught by the elders there too. Just another blessing fallen from heaven after 2 weeks of no sucess in finding people to teach. I really am pathetically weak when I try to do this work by myself. We´ve still got 3 families in our teaching group and we´ve been going all out to help Placídio. We felt pushing him towards marriage with a bunch of follow-ups on the law of chastity wasn´t the way to go, so we decided to make this week a tour of Christ´s life and character. Monday was Christ the example, Wednesday Christ the Savior, and Friday Christ the judge. Each day we brought 1/3 of a magnet with a picture of Christ holding out a hand and a light for them to keep on their fridge. We read with them in The Book of Mormon and the Living Christ, shared personal experiences of feeling His love, and gave them a questionairre to fill out for Placídio and Marlete to see where they´re at in their faith in Christ. Friday we finished our lesson with the Church´s fantastic Easter video "Because of Him." The Spirit was so strong it was almost tangible. Placídio, obviously moved, lifted his head and said in almost a sad way, "He did so much for us and asks so little." I could see him wrestling with himself as did Enos. He is so close. He wants to accept, and he´s so close to getting over the pride that makes him resist. I´ve never prepared more to teach an investigator and I´ve never felt such a genuine love. We´re teaching people, not lessons, and I´m loving it. Oh, and Ademir, Wanda and Viviane are all good for 2 weeks from now :D"

So, that´s the wrap up. More details to come on Mother´s Day!!

Love you all MUITO,

Elder Sears

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