Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 "One of the Sweetest Palm Sundays of My Life"

Dear everyone that I love,

I know this is turning into a theme here, but I literally have 9 minutes to get this all out. Things are super crazy this week but I promise that Saturday I will devote the full hour and a half that we usually have to respond to all of the 30 wonderful emails I received from y´all this week. I just wanted to talk a little bit about the families we´re teaching right now because that´s what matters most to me.

Fabio: baptized member of the Church as of 8:50 yesterday morning!!!!! It was one of the most incredible baptismal services I´ve ever been a part of. Probably in part because it demanded so much patience, trust, so many miracles, prayers, fasts, and lessons entirely guided by the Spirit. Lots of hectic things happened Sunday morning before the baptism but as I started playing my version of If You Could Hie to Kolob for prelude I felt so much peace and gratitude. Elder Chagas came back for the baptism (Fabio´s request), and as always, loads of ward members were there in support. How grateful I am for God´s hand in Fabio´s transformation. He´s changed his life in a way that Alma the Younger knows pretty well, just maybe on a little bit smaller scale. Picture to follow in 3 minutes.

Placidio, Marlete, Janaina, Jacqueline and Jessica: went to church for the 2nd week in a row yesterday!! They really liked it, and Placidio came up to us afterwards asking us for help in getting Jacqueline more involved with the young women. So, a huge sign that he´s liking the experience. We have a family night marked with them an hour and a half from now. We´ve already invited them to baptism but they haven´t accepted a date yet.

Ademir, Wanda, Douglas, Ana Claudia and Viviane. Baptisms marked for Douglas and Ana Claudia for this coming Sunday, Easter!! We felt that´s what needed to happen while Ademir and Wanda get their marriage squared away. They´re still coming to church and keeping all the commitments (minus marriage). But they have a baptismal date marked for May 19th, together with Viviane who will turn 8 on the 18th. We´re able to teach them 2-3 times a week. Douglas is going to seminary and Ana Claudia, when asked where she was in The Book of Mormon, responded with "I don´t remember the chapter name but I know it´s page 109." She´s twelve and she´s read more than some members have in a year! They´re a super special family.

Paulo, Adriana, Janaina, and Larissa: we met them this past week and had a super spiritual first lesson with them. Paulo understood perfectly because he asked us at the end, "so basically you´re saying the primitive church is back on the earth...?" Yesssirr, and pretty soon you´re going to be a member, you just don´t know it yet :)

So, that´s our teaching pool. God is being so merciful with us. This is HIS work. I testify of it. No unhallowed hand can stop if from coming forth and filling the earth. 

I love you all,
Elder Sears


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