Monday, March 3, 2014

Feb. 10, 2014 New companion, New members, New commitments

Oí! Today and tomorrow we have transfers so unfortunately this is going to be super short...Elder Chagas was transferred and I´ll be companions with Elder Nelson for at least the next 6 weeks here in Castelo!! He´s a really good missionary and I´m pumped for the new energy and vision he´ll bring to the area. He´s been out for a year and 2 months--ish and is from somewhere in Utah, I´m forgetting the name of the city right now.

We were blessed to be part of another baptism this week :) The special part wasn´t the baptism though, but who did the ordinance. Brother Marcos Damico was inactive and smoking 3 packs a day a year ago when his granddaughter, Raphaela, asked him to baptize her. She was eight at the time, and over the past year Marcos stopped smoking entirely, returned to church, was called to be the 1st counselor in the Elder´s Quorum Presidency, and last month was sealed in the temple to his wife Isabel that he married 30 years ago. He´s also the member who has recently given us 3 referrals--whole families--to teach in the past weeks. It was so, so cool to see him walk into the water and baptize his granddaughter. So many people were there in support, and several investigators (including Elvis!!) too. I´ll send a picture in a sec.

Another cool experience really quick with Rogério and Andreia. We finally were able to teach them the restoration this week and I invited them to be baptized. The date March 15th came to mind and I invited them. It was a replay of what happened with Elvis. Andreia looked at me a little shocked, asked what made me say March 15th, and told me it was Rogério´s birthday Bingo! The Spirit really is a wonderful thing. I need to do lots better about not taking it for granted.

I love you all. Seriously. Happy Olympics!!

Elder Sears

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