Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 23. 2013 English classes, marriage arrangements and blessings

Querido todo mundo,

Wake up! Because September is ending. I don´t really believe that since it´s going by so quickly but I´m going with the calendar. This past week was...less eventful than I wanted it to be. But that´s okay. I think yesterday was the highpoint. Rafael was confirmed and lots of investigators came to church--Ricardo and Sheila and the kids, pretty much the whole orphanage, and a few others we´ve been finding and teaching these past few weeks. Ricardo and Sheila gave us a beautiful wedding invitation (I´ll send you a picture in a sec) and the first counselor announced their wedding and baptism for October 26 during sacrament meeting. You´re probably remembering it was supposed to be on the 11th but the best-man (Ricardo´s boss, Lincoln Martins) is going to be on vacation in Orlando and will only get back the week of the 26th. Which took the wind out of our sails a little bit but every time I look at their family I cannot feel anything but awe with how well they´re progressing. Friday we visited them with a member and read 2 Nephi 5 with them. Mom and Dad, I used our family motto as the theme of the lesson (2 Nephi 5:27), so that should make you happy! We talked about the recipe to happiness that Nephi gives in that chapter. Each time we came across something his family did to live after the manner of happiness each of them raised their hands. Ricardo is going to make a FANTASTIC member and leader in the Church not too far out from here. During Sunday School he was making all sorts of comments about Nephi and Lehi and their journey in the wilderness and the liahona and everything. Elder Chagas and I just looked at each other amazed and smiled. We´re teacing another couple, Igor and Daniela, that also need to get married and when we made plans for them we decided the only thing we need to do to get them married and baptized is bring Ricardo over and let his testimony loose. He´s a better missionary than I am I think. 

Tuesday I taught my first English class in the ward. I´m working with almost fluent speakers which is a lot more fun of a  teaching environment for me. I told them their homework assignment was to write 10 sentences in English about the rules of American football. heehee :) And I promised them that if they looked up the lyrics to Viva la Vida in English I´d play for them the next week. So I´m looking forward to a mini jam-session this Tuesday! Either Wednesday or Thursday was lunch with Lincoln Martins, Ricardo´s best-man and the stake president here. His house is HUGE-theater, elevator, pool, tennis court, 2 garages with Porsches filling up the space, and, A STEINWAY FULL-SIZE GRAND PIANO. I made it about 30 seconds inside the house before saying something about it. They let me sit down and play for a good 10 minutes and I took full advantage. I had completely forgotten how good it feels to be playing on a real piano, not the electric ones they have in all the chapels here. So lunch that day was pretty much amazing.

Saturday we went to visit the kids from the orphanage. They were super excited to see us. We played tag for a little bit and then listened to them sing "The Lord commanded Nephi..." that Elder Chagas had taught them the last time we went. I taught two of the older teenagers how to play volleyball which they seemed to like. After that we sat down and read in 3 Nephi where Jesus blesses the little ones and angels encircle them with fire. We talked about how important they are to their Savior and invited them to church. 11 of them came! It´s been a really neat experience to be able to bring a little bit of light into their lives. They´re definitely not the typical investigator, that´s for sure.

Thursday the 19th, the day I actually hit a year in Brazil, a package came from Grandma Julie with the new BYU t-shirts inside and a bunch of notes and candy. It was perfect timing. Thank you so much Grandma! Elder Chagas loved the shirt you got him and shortly I´ll be putting on mine, in spite of what happened on Saturday (no further comment necessary :) ).

Know how much I love all of you,

Elder Sears

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