Friday, August 2, 2013

July 29, 2013 Birthday and Baptism!

Dear everyone,
I have a problem...I got 33 emails from y´all which means my email for this week is going to be short. It is a very serious problem and a very good one to have :) Thank you to each of you that has made today an awesome 20th birthday for me. And awesome that it happened to fall on a P-day! The secretaries, assistants, and Sister Perrotti called me to wish me a happy birthday. And we had a zone activity playing basketball and piano and just hanging out. I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was open my package up from home. I´ll be sending pictures shortly (as in one minute from now since time is non-existent). Everything was perfect and I am so grateful to be so loved and so well-taken care of. Mom and family, I´ve already flipped through the photo album several times. It was the best thing I could have gotten. The zone put the frisbee to good use, I used the jump rope for exercise this morning, loved the card, am saving the hot tamales for as long as possible and will soon use the shirts.
Cliche, but they say pictures are worth a thousand words and I don´t have time for a thousand words so here are some pictures to sum up the past week. And ANDREYA GOT BAPTIZED! TONS of people showed up in support. It was really special for me. She asked me to do the baptism and when she came out of the water she leaned over and whispered, "feliz anniversário Élder." The best present I could have asked for.
Elder Sears
grrrrrr the pictures aren´t sending!! :( and I´m so out of time. I promise I´ll get them sent for next week! Promise promise. It´s written down in my planner so it´ll get done. Oh, and P-day will either be Tuesday or Wednesday next week because of a meeting. Just a head´s up.

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