Monday, August 26, 2013

August 19, 2013 New Convert Enthusiasm and a New Ward Mission Plan

Bom dia amigos,

So, 11 months ago I got to São Paulo. Exactly. That is a really weird thing to think about. I remember so well that day and my first impressions of the mission and how much has changed since then. My perspective, testimony, struggles (esp. with Portuguese), oh and the 20 pounds I´ve put on too. Haha :) It´s been an incredible ride. And I´m really glad it´s not even close to over!

Claudio and Edna were confirmed this past Sunday. The whole ward is really excited with their progress and potential. I am too. They are just solid. They´re giving us some referrals from their family members nearby and Bishop has already talked with them about going to the temple to do baptisms. Edna´s super stoked. AND, she got a job she´s been waiting for a while now, coincidentally 2 days after she got baptized. Seriously, how can anyone not know the Church is true. All you have to do is look at the way God blesses it´s members. The same thing happened with Andreya (who is doing well too). Our Elder´s quorum president is having a recent convert´s dinner in his home this Friday and we´re invited. He told us to bring an investigator so we´ll be sure to do that. Selma´s coming along well too. One of her family members got super sick Sunday morning so she had to rush him to the hospital and missed church (and her confirmation) again! :( But she´s excited for it. We had a family night with her and a less active member named Marlene on her street (who is slowly becoming completely active) and taught about the importance of the gift of the Holy Ghost. We blind-folded her and had several different voices whispering/shouting in her ear which way she needed to go to get back to the living room couch. Marlene and her sister had a lot of fun with that. Selma´s job was to pick out which one was the Holy Ghost. She seemed to like that.

Robson and his son, Luis Guilherme, are our two investigators that are most progressing. They came to church on Sunday and said they liked it. It just so happened that one of Robson´s friends (who he didn´t know was a member) decided to come to our ward today. Coincidence? I think not! Our difficulties finding new people to teach knocking doors and doing street contacts led us to talk and study a lot about how to work better with the ward. We scheduled a meeting with our ward mission leader for Saturday to create a ward mission plan (Ponte hasn´t had one for a while). He didn´t show, but Elder Vianna and I came up with some ideas and made them all pretty and printed them out to show to the Ward Council on Sunday. Everyone really liked it and seems to be a little more excited (and committed) to help us out with the work. So that´s a plus. 

On a much sadder note, we got a phone call from a member Friday saying that one of our investigators, Clodoaldo, took his own life. That hit pretty hard on me and Elder Vianna. Prayers for him and his family are much appreciated. I´m sure, though, he´s being taught by a much more experienced companionship on the other side of the veil.

Friday was also interviews with Presidente Perrotti. I love that man. I can talk really openly with him and I always walk away from conversations with him a lot more determined to work a lot harder and be a lot better. I´m not quite sure how he has that effect on everyone but he does. Friday was also zone meeting which went well.

I´m gonna send along a picture from our last P-day at a place called Parque Taquoral. We got to play basketball and frisbee and the like with our zone and a few missionaries from another zone. Love you all!

Elder Sears

picture´s not sending...(again)...i have to be smarter about choosing which computer I sit at :P I´ll try next week, promise.

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