Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013 Progression in the Work

Dear everyone (and specifically all father figures in my life),

HAPPY FATHER´S DAY! Here in Brazil it´s in August so I get to celebrate it twice :) I love you Dad. 

It´s been less than a week since my last email so I don´t have too much to report. Jeffrey continues to progress really well and made it most of the weekend without smoking. He came to church and loved it and is already going out with the other young men from the ward visiting the less actives. We announced to everyone from the ward that his baptism will be this Saturday morning at 10:00 and I´m really excited about it. God literally plopped him in our path and I´m really, really grateful. I get to thinking about missionary work sometimes and often come to the conclusion that it is nothing more than being worthy to be a part of miracles and working while waiting for them to show up. Every baptism I´ve been a part of has been a miracle. I´ll be sure to send pictures from the baptism when it happens. Which will be this Saturday if I have anything to say about it! Haha.

Gabriela and Gildete were at church again and Gabriela is causing quite a stir among some of the recently single RM´s in the ward. It´s kind of funny to watch. No compaints at all because she´s getting plenty of attention and feeling super integrated with the ward. Ivan and 2 of his brothers were at sacrament meeting and Ivan in particular is excited about baptism. He´s living with his fiancé but we committed them to go to the cartório and get their marriage scheduled for this coming month.

Yesterday when we got back for the day Elder Hill started shrieking like a little girl. He had turned the corner to go up the stairs to our room when a bird flew in front of him and went into the room. Apparently birds terrify him. So I got my camera and told him to film me coming up the stairs and opening up the window so the little guy could fly out. It was pretty hysterical, must say. I went to weigh myself at the drug store on Saturday and I´m at 160 pounds...20 more than when I left for the field??? I don´t know where all that weight is sitting but I guess it´s a good thing? Maybe? 

Love you all! Sorry this one´s super short..

Elder Sears

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