Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May13, 2013 Radiating Light

Hello everyone,

Happy Mother´s Day!! Especially to my mother :) It was so good to be able to talk to you, the rest of the family, and the Shell´s for an hour yesterday face to face! I had been looking forward to that for a while and it definitely lived up to all expectations. I am SO grateful for family. Mom, I sent you off a missionties letter today that I hope gets there soon. Let me know when it does! The plan was to have it all sent off and ready for Mother´s Day but I didn´t get it off in time. It´s on the way though! I apologize in advance that this email is going to be super short. We had a district activity on P-day that got done late and put me in a jam to get an email off to everyone like I wanted to. But just some quick updates about me, the work, and the area...

Thursday we found a really neat couple to teach. All our lessons had fallen through and we stopped in front of a house to plan what we´d be doing next. A 3 year old came to the gate and would not stop talking to us! We were trying to plan but she kept shouting so we turned around and her dad was walking down the driveway to pick her up. We did a contact with him and he invited us in. We accepted, taught a normal first lesson but with a pretty abnormal reaction from his wife, Debora. When we got done with telling the First Vision she stopped us to tell us she was getting a really strong feeling that she´d never really felt before. She paused for a few seconds and then told us, "I believe it already." In our follow-up visit on Saturday with the Book of Mormon she told us she knows it´s true because every time she reads it she gets that same feeling. And she told us that that first day when we were stopped in front of her gate we seemed to be radiating a kind of light that made her really curious to get to know us. So that was really cool to hear and be a part of. Unfortunately she and her husband aren´t married and didn´t make it to church...but we´ll be working closely with them in the future!

Jaime and Gildete are really having a lot of difficulty with getting over smoking. We´re praying and fasting and following up bunches so that they can get baptized this weekend as we´d marked with them a few weeks earlier. Fingers crossed!

Oh, just a funny sidenote before I close...while waiting to get skype set up for Sunday, we were at a member´s house (Felipe, Camilla, and their 3 year old daughter Sophya). Sophya was getting really impatient so I got out the Plan of Salvation puzzle I got from my mom and started explaining it to her (in a way a 3 year old would understand). Her mom went back and reviewed it with her and asked, "So Sophya, do you remember where you were before you were in mommy´s belly?" And Sophya responded, "in daddy´s belly!" We all laughed. She´s adorable, and her parents were so nice to get everything set up for the Mother´s Day call. 

Well, we´re off to the work again, but I love you all. I really do. I will make up for the short email next week!

Love, Elder Sears

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