Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8, 2013 Reflections on General Conference

One more week down! It´s been, to be honest, another really difficult one. Our commitments and investigators are "ficando mole" (going soft) like crazy and it can be frustrating at times. Cris, who was supposed to be baptized in between Conference sessions, sent us 2 text messages saying he didn´t want to be part of the Church anymore. I´d really like to know what happened! In our attempts to call back and stop by to talk he didn´t answer. But life can be like that sometimes. In short, it was really well-planned that Conference turned out to be this weekend. I needed it! I went into it with several questions on my mind and received clear answers to each of them. Miraculous how that happens isn´t it? I really enjoyed the spirit of it all, even though I wasn´t able to listen to it in English. It really is impossible for me to shake the certainty that President Monson is God´s mouthpiece and that he receives revelation directly from Him, as did Moses and so many other prophets, face to face. Elder Barbosa and I have been trying to focus in on the importance of prophets in our teaching, because so many people here accept just about anyone as a prophet and apostle. One of our ward members told us a funny story about a friend of his who called to tell him he´d recently been promoted to an apostle in his church because he managed to sell 3 boxes of socks to raise money for a church fund. Crazy! I really am so grateful to have the knowledge that I do that the Church I represent is the same that the Savior personally organized, with prophets and apostles and the divine authority of the Priesthood. Some impressions/notes I gained from Conference:

the greatest gift I have to give as a missionary is my testimony
I need to be as patient with my investigators and the Brazilian people as God is with me, forgiving and loving 7 times 70
those I teach are literally my brothers and sisters; as I view them in that form the promise that God made to Joseph and early missionaries of the Church that He would protect their families can apply to my investigators as well
Christ is the Prince of Peace; what a blessing it is for me to be spreading the only peace that lasts-that which comes from Him
Matthew 28:17-20 was cited at least 7-8 times by my count: missionary work is a defining characteristic of Christ´s church and how lucky I am to be one of the 65,000 in God´s army!
as a priesthood holder I need to view myself as a literal son of God, a disciple of Christ, a comforter of souls, and capable of inheriting all the blessings of God
it´s okay, essential even, to have weaknesses and realize that I´m never going to be able to overcome them on my own

Those are just a few, but it was a really uplifting weekend for me. I hope all of you had a similar experience! And it was super nice to be able to play the piano for 2-3 hours in between the sessions on Saturday. 

Time´s up already...? Not fair. To be continued next week then I guess! One day after Lena and Reobe are confirmed members of the Church. Should be a good week

Love you all! 

Love, Elder Sears

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