Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013 From Referral to Font

Subject: January 28
(or more importantly, 5 days until Lean and Reobe´s marriage and baptism!)

Dear Mom and everyone else,

Hello again! Everyone has been asking about how Lena and Reobe are doing so I figured I'd make them part of this week´s title. Our Zone Leaders came last night to interview them and that, aside from the marriage and baptism itself, was the only thing left. Of course, they passed with flying colors and they continue to be so excited. Lena´s been talking about getting her hair all done for the wedding and it´s just so neat to be a part of their excitement and their story. She told us last night about a rather personal experience--how about a year ago she was walking home from work completely exhausted and forgot to check for cars before she crossed the street. She headed out into the intersection but saw some headlights at the last second and quickly stepped back, narrowly missing being hit. When she went to cross again she said she felt some sort of unseen hand on her arm pulling her back. A motorcycle had been closely tailing the car that passed by and would have hit her had she decided to cross when she wanted to. She told us that she was confident that the unseen angel that pulled her back did so because he wanted her to be alive for this Saturday--when she´d be married and baptized. I think my heart melted a little bit when I heard that. She just gets it. She and Reobe have been the light at the end of the tunnel on so many discouraging occasions on my mission--for both me and Elder Alcântara. I´ll be sure to attach some pictures along with a full report of the wedding and baptism in my email next week.

Earlier in the week we got a phone call from some missionaries in another area that had a referral for us. Vanha and her son (Alfredo) had gone to one of the English classes they put together and became interested in the Church. Only she didn´t live in their area but ours! Lucky for us. We called her Saturday night because it didn´t work out to visit her and we invited her to church. The next morning the two of them were dressed and ready waiting in front of the door when we got there with a member from the ward to pick them up. She said that she loved the 3 hours of church and that she felt a peace there that somehow she knew was missing. She had seen a Mormon Ad years back and from then on was curious about the Church but never managed to talk with anyone about it or actually attend. I feel so lucky to be able to be the person that finally explained to her why she felt the way she felt and how much the Church can bless her life and the life of her son. We visited her a few hours after church and taught her the first lesson. She agreed to be baptized with her son this coming Sunday. I´m amazed at how easily faith comes for so many of the Brazilian people. They know what is right and they don´t mess around with that knowledge, they just go and do. I´m also amazed although probably shouldn´t be at how often miracles happen in the mission field. I know I don´t deserve them but the people that I´m teaching do. God knows what He is doing and I´m so glad that this is His work and not mine. It makes the hard days much easier, knowing that after a trial of my faith there´s a miracle, one of God´s elect, waiting around the corner. We´ll see what happens but it´s looking like this coming weekend will be "celestial" as the Brazilians say down here. 2 baptisms on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

It´ll also be the first Sunday in a while that Cristiane will be able to come to church because her work schedule will change. She is excited, as am I, because I´ve been worried about her. Mom, thank you for sending the cupcake pan and recipes for her! She´s been asking about that and she´ll be super happy to hear they´ll be on their way soon. You asked if I´ve been able to use any of the family history stories yet in my teaching. I haven´t but I intend to this coming week. I need to be better about remembering them (my ancestors) and using their examples to help build the faith of my investigators. 

Elder Alcântara is pulling my chair away from the computer because he wants to go--I guess I´d better cooperate. I love you all and can´t wait until next week! Keep the faith!

Love, Elder Sears

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