Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dec. 25, 2012 "Merry Christmas!"

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!! Feliz Natal, Feliz Navidad...that´s about all the languages I know. Haha. This week we got to skype with our families instead of email...an absolute treat :) It´s amazing how time flies. The only disadvantage of that is we don´t have time to send out emails this week...just a really quick one.

I hope each of you has an incredible Christmas and that remembrance of the birth of our Savior is a huge part of your holidays. It´s been a really different, but neat experience to be celebrating Christmas in a different way this year. As a missionary, ideally, every day carries with it the spirit of Christmas. I´ll keep telling myself that when tomorrow comes and I need to get back to work. And in the many moments when I miss all of you and am thinking of you. God bless you all and once again, Merry Christmas :) I promise that I will respond to the emails I received this week in the email to come. Until then!

Love, Elder Sears 

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